ONLINE HOLIC : cara Validasi Mippin

've Been browsing everywhere in order to validate the Mippin Mippin feed validation KEY = mfvkvfm8080, but have not met too in order to be successful validation, there can be validation step by step I ask to be notified. Thank :)

Mippin validation step:

1. already signed up to the Mippin
2. Log into your account Mippin
3. follow the step by step in Mippin

to validate mippin:

Please enter your website or RSS feed URL to get started (enter a site url with a valid RSS or Atom feeds)

Select Layout for your mobile site

Upload a logo and set the colors for your site

Use your unique mobile url or create your own

Put Mippin feed validation KEY = xxxxxxxx into your website or blog

when I enter the validation number, please try validation

Validasi Mippin
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