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ONLINE HOLIC : About Water

1. Streamlining the digestive system
Consuming adequate amounts of water every day will facilitate the digestive system so that we will avoid digestive problems such as ulcers or constipation. The burning of calories will also be run efficiently.
2. Water helps to slow the growth of the cancer-causing substances, plus prevent kidney stones and heart disease. Drinking water will make the body more energy.
3. Beauty treatments
When Ukhtiy less drinking water, the body will absorb the water content in the skin so the skin becomes dry and wrinkled. In addition, water can protect the skin from the outside, as well as moisturize and nourish the skin.
To maintain the beauty of anything, cleaning the body Hares really be considered, plus a glass of water 8-10 glasses a day.
4. For fertility
Increasing testosterone production in men and estrogen in women.
According to research from a bacillus thrombosis research institute in London, England, if someone always showered with cold water then circulation and body feels fresh and fit. Bathing with cold water will increase production of white blood cells in the body and increase a person's ability to attack the virus. In fact, cold showers in the morning can increase the testosterone production in men and estrogen in women. With so fertility and sexual excitement will increase. Also improves skin tissue, nails healthier and stronger, not easily cracked. Well, for a lazy morning shower or even a lazy bath (astagfirulloh!) should begin to change his habit tuh ...
5. Heart healthy
Water is also believed to participate cure heart disease, rheumatism, skin breakdown, Papas tract disease, intestinal, dap femininity disease, etc..
Even today quite a lot of alternative treatment which utilizes the efficacy of white water.
6. As a stroke drug
Hot water not only used to treat various skin diseases, but also effective for treating paralysis, such as stroke. Therefore, the water can help strengthen back muscles and ligaments as well as expedite the circulatory system and respiratory system. Effect of heat causes dilation of blood vessels, improving blood circulation and tissue oxygenation, thus preventing muscle stiffness, relieve pain and soothe the mind.
The content of ions, especially chlorine, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate and sulfate in hot water, helps the dilation of blood vessels thus increasing blood circulation. In addition the pH of the water is able to sterilize the skin.
7. Relaxation effect
Try standing in the shower and feel the effect in the body. Shower water that falls into the body feels like a massage and be able to eliminate fatigue because it feels like a massage. Some alternative medicine experts say, that come into contact with a fountain, a walk around the waterfall, or river and park with many fountains, will acquire the properties of negative ions. Negative ions which arise due to water droplets collide it can relieve pain, neutralize toxins, combat disease, and help to absorb and utilize oxygen. Negative ions in the blood flow will accelerate the delivery of oxygen to the cells and tissues.
Not only that if you experience muscle tension can be relieved with a warm water bath temperature about 37 degrees C. While our aching feet are often recommended to soak the feet with warm water mixed with a little salt. Well, if you have a shower at home Ukhtiy try a bath and enjoy the results. Oh yes, the shower at home also produces negative ions.
8. Thin body
Water is also removes impurities in the body that will be faster out through urine. For those who want to slim down the body too, drink warm water before eating (making it feel somewhat satisfied) is one way to reduce the amount of food intake. Moreover the water contains no calories, sugar, or fat. However, it is best to drink water at medium temperature, not too hot, nor too cold. Want skinny?, Drinking water only.
9. Fitter body
Efficacy of water not only to cleanse the body, but also as a substance that our bodies need. Ukhtiy may be more able to survive food shortages a few days less than water. Therefore, water is a major part in the composition of the human body.
The amount of water decreases in the body, the function of organs will also be decreased and more easily disturbed by bacteria, viruses, etc.. However, the human body has a mechanism in maintaining the balance of the incoming water intake and expenditure. Thirst was on everyone is a normal mechanism in maintaining the water intake in the body. Water bodies require approximately 2 to 2.5 l (8-10 cups) per day. Total water demand is already included water intake from food (such as soup, soup, etc.), beverages such as milk, tea, coffee, syrups etc.. In addition, water intake was also obtained from the metabolism of food consumed and tissue metabolism in the body.
Well, water is also released by the body through urine and sweat. The amount of water released by the body through the urine of about 1 liter per day. If the number of stools in healthy people who spent about 50 - 400 g / day, aimya content of about 60-90% weight of stools or about 50-60 ml of water a day.
Meanwhile, water is wasted through sweating and respiratory tract in a maximum of 1 liter per day, depending on the temperature of the surrounding air. Not to mention the expenditure of factors of water through breathing. Someone who has a fever, the water content in the breath will increase. Conversely, the amount of water that is inhaled through the breathing air is reduced due to low humidity environs.
The body will deteriorate if the water content decreases and we do not immediately meet the body's water needs. U.S. cardiologist, Dr. James M. Rippe advised to drink water for at least a liter more than what is needed our thirst. Because the loss of only 4% of fluids will lead to lower our performance as much as 22%! It is understandable if lost 7%, we will begin to feel weak and lethargic.
Just so you know, the more activity then the more water is drained from the body. For that reason, health experts warn not to drink only when thirsty habits much to drink, whether it is hungry or not, is a healthy habit!
If the lecture in room air-conditioned, it is recommended to drink more because the air is cold and dehydrated the body faster. Many drinks will also help the skin does not dry quickly. In the room where the temperature is still advisable to get a drink even though does not feel thirsty to balance the temperature.

Source : Muslimah


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ONLINE HOLIC : cara membuat website gratis di facebook

Membuat website adalah hal yang sangat menyenangkan, apalagi yang tidak berbayar alias gratis :). Dengan membuat website kita bisa menyampaikan berbagai macam informasi agar bisa diakses banyak orang. Agar website kita dikunjungi banyak orang, maka kita perlu memaksimalkan website dengan menulis artikel yang berkualitas, artikel yang dibutuhkan banyak orang atau hal - hal yang menarik minat orang banyak. Agar website kita dikenal banyak orang kita juga harus memaksimalkan kata kunci yang dicari banyak orang (misal : kata kunci produk yang banyak dibutuhkan orang). Dengan memaksimalkan kata kunci maka website kita akan mudah dikenali searc engine ( google, yahoo, dll) 
Membuat website disamping artikel kita bisa berjualan via online, tentu saja apabila produk kita dikenal dan disukai banyak orang, kita akan kebanjiran order dan pemasukan uang yang lumayan.Banyak sekali website yang menjual berbagai macam produk yang telah sukses. kita bisa mengikuti langkah mereka yang telah sukses. 
Membuat website untuk berjualan sekarang bisa menggunakan Facebook, karena facebook sekarang sudah mendunia, sudah dikenal banyak orang, dan page rangenya juga bagus. Banyak keuntungan yang didapatkan apabila kita membuat website gratis di facebook.

Pengertian e-Commerce

Penyebaran, pembelian, penjualan, pemasaran barang dan jasa melalui sistem elektronik seperti internet, televisi dll.

Keuntungan yang kita dapatkan dengan membuat website di facebook adalah antara lain :
1. Setup Toko Mudah
Membuat website di facebook setup toko sangat mudah, dan untuk pemula pun bisa mensetup dengan cepat, karena aplikasi sangat mudah untuk dipahami. Waktu setup juga kurang dari 15 menit dan apabila kita kesulitan ada panduannya juga agar kita bisa dengan mudah mensetup website gratis di facebook.

2. Fitur Admin Toko
Dengan adanya Fitur Admin Toko kita bisa memanage data produk, mengetahui data pengunjung, dan kita bisa melihat data pemesanan produk kita

Fitur Utama :

- Mudah diedit
- Metode Sederhana
- Icon Sosial
- Rincian Produk
- Produk Review
- Produk Terkait

3.Payment Integration
Facebook store akan tersambung kebanyak bank, sehinga kita akan mudah bertransaksi dengan pembeli

4.Training Regular
Bagaimana kita akan memaksimalkan website penjualan kita, kita bisa mengikuti training.

5. Shipping Integration
Facebook store akan terintegrasi dengan jasa kurir, sehingga  pengiriman barang dapat dilakukan secara otomatis saat pemesana produk kita.

6. Mobile Aplication
Untuk mempermudah kita juga diberi fasilitas untuk mengakses toko online kita melalui seluler, sehingga kita kita mengontrol toko kita dimana saja.

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Website Gratis di facebook
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